Sunday, February 22, 2009

With in Me

Before, I thought that my life is perfect
i have a family who is so very supportive
a love one who is always their for me
an education to be proud of

until i have reached the 22nd year of my life

i can say that im not the bad kind of person
nor the good one
im just an average lady
who is dreaming big

i dream a lot
like having a family on my own
owning a company of my name
toping the board exam
driving my own car
and ofcourse who is not dreaming of becoming rich

all i enumerated above is poosible
as what i always tell to myself
but the question is Can I Achieve all of those?
wel probably you may say yes..
but to those who are close to me
may just laugh..
for they all know me.

my habbits and attitude and everything..

that feb 3 2009, my babe
gave me a book
the difference maker
it tells about attitude and everything good and bad about it
including obstacles towards it..

as i ponder reading that book
i realized that yes, my dreams are reachable
but, what am i doing now to be able to reach those dreams.

so as i finished reading that book
by the time i closed the last page of it.
i told to my self that from now on
i will start doing the things
to achieve my dreams.

"every little things i made must be one step closer towards my dream"

and to my babe
thank you so much for that wonderful book you gave me
well, all you have said to me are right..
i love you so much..
lets go hand in hand in achieving our dreams together.


rockerzz501 said...

Nindota sa imong poem oy!

It's meaningful! Good luck! I hope that your dream will be coming true!


geemiz said...

thank you