Sunday, May 17, 2009


One of the best season of the year is summer. Time to chill and relax, especially for students who in the last few months crack their selves on books, assignments and other school stuff. Lot of things can be done during summer. Here are some activities which i know some people do on summer:

1.) Go to Beach - Who on the earth does not want to go swimming. Soothing your self on the cold blue water or massaging your body on hot springs.

2.) Have Picnic - Bring along some snacks and get that blanket and visit your grassy park.

3.) Fly Kite - Time to reach the sky by flying that kite so high.

4.) Visit some Relatives - Time to visit our love ones who are far from us. They will be for sure very happy.

5.) Reunions - with relatives, friends and alumni get together

6.) Mountain Climbing - test your resistance and git some hike

7.) Sports - engage in sport activities

8.) School - dance, karate, music, theater class that can boost your confidence

9.) House keep - help at home

10.) Other Activities - caving, swiz sliding, horse back riding, kayaking, any other things you wnat to do.

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