Saturday, June 13, 2009

Electronics and Communications Engineering Saga

Electronics and Communications Engineering is definitely not an easy degree to obtain. What's even more difficult is passing the board exam set up by Philippine Regulatory Commision or PRC in order for one to earn his/her license and become a bonafide Electronics Engineer. To pass it, of course you need basic requirements in which any field/courses require. Among the list are discipline, hardwork, courage, perserverance and prayers.

If one lacks any of these traits, then eventually passing the board exam would rather lay in darker area, since not having the right attitude, one does not only decreases the hope of earning a license but even more difficult is overcoming the challenges in which life has drawn upon each individual as we travel a rough road in a journey called life.

Aside from those basic traits, one of course be in need of retention. Retention of learnings or review in that should be one of the key weapons in the time of actual gameplay. Memory surely play and important role in this course, no matter how much ECE review materials you have or no matter how much time you have spent on your board exam review. All of these boils down to nothing. if you haven't rememered anything. Maybe at certain time of study, you may have learn all the electronics theory, but its useless if after a day you'd remember none. Other than undestanding the basic principles, memory is a tool one must not neglect in electronics and communications formulas. Unlike understanding the theories discovered or otherwise stated by supergenius engineers and scientist, formulas though have been established by these sage-brainiacs, still they do not require as much analysis as compared to understanding principles. Most of the problem involving formulas needs very little analysis in which it all simply become a method of mere substitution, a very common problem for basic mathematics. As long as you know how to use your own calculator( ES 991), in which for these case, even elementary students knows how to do it, then your more than good to go!

Aside from those, there are more other things to learn, you must also learn to make sacrifices. This is the difficult part, since if we are already attached with most of the things, one will be having a very difficult decision to give up all the things he/she is used to be doing. This will be in the form of hobbies, vices, sleeping perhaps, too much eating?!..haha...

As engineers, one should also be capable of facing numbers and hopefully love them. Absolutely, these figures revolve around the world of innovators, creators and designers, a field in which engineers will be of so much value. Architects and engineers of the ancient worlds are the first ones to understand them. And the products are the great pyrmids, great wall of china, and other powerful structures that stands today(not just structure but also inventions, principles and etc). Diode theory, Bipolar Junction Transistors applications and Field Effect transistor theory can be explained clearly through the universal language of mathematics. Everything in this world are in way, can be represented in numbers. To understand this is to sharpen an engineers skill much faster. Some people are born gifted with numbers, and others are not, but all can be mastered with constant correct practice. One can't really compare his progress vs. the uber-geek's fast approach of solving ultra-advanced math problems who laughs at Laplace Transforms like their doing simple addition axioms. Differential & Integral Calculus maybe difficult for you to handle, but just remember what Rocklee from the world of Naruto said, "A dropout will surpass a genius through hardwork." Well, not specifically true though for his case since he was not able to surpass the abilities of Sasuke and Neiji both of which are coming from legendary genius clans, but then, at some point, he was able to put these geniuses into shock, prove them wrong and showed them that though he wasn't born gifted, he can still become a great ninja.

So for a fellow like yourself who may be taking the electronics board exam in the future, picture it as a training in becoming a Genin, Jounin, then just like Naruto, in becoming a Hokage. Let no one hinder you from achieving this goal, be unselfishly stubborn as Naruto, and remember to always believe that nothing is impossible. Recent studies conclude that our mind-set foretells our future. Courage, perserverance & ambition are your surefire tools in overcoming each challenge.

Good Luck and God Speed.

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