Monday, September 7, 2009

Mafia Wars

Have you heared of the latest game, addicted by not just of the young once but the young at heart as well!.

If you happen to have a facebook account, I'm sure you belong to a top family that is feared by those few who has less members.

The game I have been referring to is the game called MAFIA WARS.

Mafia wars is developed by Zynga, a society who is responsible for developing social gaming online games.

More or less, 1 million people all over the globe are either fighting against another family or helping a family member win a crime.

I do not actually play Mafia Wars on its site, but i am hooked at the game at facebook. So maybe I can tell you something about how the game goes.

Basically at facebook a friend of you will invite you to join the game, then you will have to make an account (do not worry making the account is as simple as abc and counting 123). You will choose a name you want and choose among the choices of what kind of family do you want, is it the one that heals fast so you choose health; the one who gains energy faster, so you choose energy or the one that easily gains money. Next is you can now invite friends to play the game with you or add friends who are already playing the game. To have a strong family you can not just add lots of friends, you must as well do a job to earn money and have your own business and gain much power or fight other mafia with the aid of your friends. As you gain more experience in doing jobs your level will increase and increasing your profile as well. You can thank your friends in helping you finishing a job or fighting a rival family by giving them gifts and you can ask them for gifts to help improve your offensive skill and defensive skill. Energy packs were given to help you do more jobs.

These game may have its disadvantages like its not a good example for our youth, because it teaches them to be a war freak and some other same reasons, but for the brighter side these game can help someone be generous and gain more friends.

It is better to let understand the minors about what the positive aim of the game is, not just understanding the game as is.

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