Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We are now living in a high technlogy world, where in our daily activities includes dealing with computer. From simply socialy making friends to cheking the best investments.

Google is the most popular search engine site today, in which almost everyone depends on google if they want to look for something and learn something.

What does google do?
Google used tools called spiders that let it crawls on different sites and gather the data's it have been crawled. The data being gathered are now then seggragated according to topics before it is saved at the google archive. When you researched something google now gives you different sites that relates to your query. The topics are arranged according to how it is relevant to the query.

There are now companies in which manipulates that search made by google. These companies are called Search Engine Optimization company or popularly known as SEO company. What they do is they control the search being made by google, simply illustrated as modifying a website for that site to rank as one. What I meant on to rank one is that when a person searched for a certain topic and that website being modified by a SEO company has a topic related to that being searched that website automatically will be at the first rank or first page of the list of results.

Industrial websites or business sites is the most common clients of an SEO company, for they are the one who needs more visits at there sites, for more visits of there sites means more prospect customers and an increase in income.

If you often rely google on looking for something better not stick to page one only, instead try to be more patient on visiting other pages. You may not know the best answer on what you are searching for is not in the first page.

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