Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Danasan Eco Adventure Park Rates

Eco Adventure Parks is the new hype today. Studies have shown that adrenaline rush activities can relieve stress so maybe this is the reason why there are many eco adventure parks in the Philippines, so does this indicate that Filipinos are stressed?

In Central Visayas alone there are at least 5 eco adventure parks I know. The very famous eco adventure park in Central Visayas is found in Danao Bohol where you can do suiselide, caving, rappelling, mountain climbing, caving and the very famous plunge. There is also the Loboc eco adventure park in Bohol. In Cebu there is the Adventure Cafe in Balamban and Papa Kits in Liloan. A new eco adventure park in Cebu can be found in the upper place of Danao City the Danasan eco adventure park.

About Danasan, Danao City
Danao City is the 5th town of Cebu province to the north if you start counting in Cebu City. It is ruled by the Durano’s.  Danao is known for gun making but there are also many beautiful resorts in Danao like the Intusan and Coco Palm Beach. Danao City is really expanding their tourism and now has Danasan Eco Adventure Park. Well as we all know former DOT secretary Ace Durano is from Danao City. Danasan is situated in the mountain part of Danao City.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Danasan Eco Advanture Park is a very good place to relax and forget the city life and embrace nature. Danasan eco Adventure Park offers common eco adventure activities like zipline, wall climbing, and rappelling, caving, horseback riding, river trekking and camping. The edge of Danasan eco Adventure Park from other adventure park in Central Visayas is that they have wake boarding and they accommodate beginners. They also has bike for rents for people who would love to roam around Danasan. Overnight stay is also available for they have rooms for rent and tents for rent.

Danasan Eco Adventure Rates
The rates of the activities in Danasan Eco Adventure Park is cheaper than the rates in Eco Adventure Tourism in Danao Bohol though we can understand that Danao Bohol has longer ziplines, dipper caves, higher walls and more but the adventure is all the same.

Below are the rates of all Activities including day tour and over night packages.


Anonymous said...

walay picture ani?

patidlata said...

Was here a few days ago and it was fun. From trekking, caving, zip lining and wake boarding - you gotta love adventure!

Anonymous said...

How about kids 6 and 7 years old pwede ba isama ma eenjoy din ba nila

Anonymous said...

How long is the zipline?