Sunday, September 21, 2008

new step

another chapter of our life has pass
and another door is opened
a new beggining for as to start
our journey is not yet over
this is just a start of a new step
new step nearer to our dreamz
as we all climb to that dreamz
we must not forget the past
those lessons we have learned
for its a big part in our growth..
god bless us all..

isn't it

wearing togas, marching down towards the people claiming that they made you,

smiling wide and reaching your diploma!!!

do you have to say YES I MADE IT!!!!

or do you have to say

OMG!!!! what will happen next..

its funny why people say during graduation ATLAST !! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

are they saying congrats for being a new recruit of these jobless community

or, atlast our expenses are lessen now..

Having graduated doesnt mean youve succeded already

it just simply means: go find your own way, your damn old enough to support yourself..

my beloved

wow i cant explain the feeling as i watch his pic..

the impact that he gave to me is so unexplainable..his aura is so different..some may say that his a cuty and his also a hoty.. though few may say his just okey and thank god never did 1 told that his ugly.

i am really happy coz i have him as my baby..

i love you so much babe...

because of you

you realy made me happy
you complete not just mah day, but mah life
you are the reason now why i smile and felt the world worthwhile
you and only you will i say i love you