Friday, August 30, 2019

Street Party in the Northern City

Who would have thought a faraway City would have a street party as fun as the photos posted below.

Okay, first and foremost I love going to parties because this is a great time to catch up with families, relatives and friends and of course get to know new people but mind you, I ‘m not a partyholic. Well, maybe there was a time in my life that I was, but I believe going to bars on weekends and getting drunk is out of my system anymore, though I still hangout with friends and not considering myself as antisocial.

Okay were getting off the topic here. Last few weeks, there was a street party at hubby’s small City because it is the start of the preparation for the cities fiesta. The fiesta falls every 3rd Sunday of September and this year the fiesta falls on September 16, 2012.

Annually the city of Danao in the northern part of Cebu has this tradition called “Sinugdan” where in there is a parade of the hat of the patron saint of the CIty “Santo Tomas de Villanueva” (St. Thomas of Villanueva). The parade is called “The torch parade”.

Before, people attending the parade brings torches with them but today look at what they have.

Vehicles that contain huge drums and even a whole band, truck turned disco mobile and truck turned into a disco pub.

As what I have seen, everybody is enjoying dancing in the street.

Happy Fiesta St. Thomas of Villanueva.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Guilty as Charge

First of all I would like to ask my apologies for being away for a very long time, it's been a year since my last post about mama's birthday celebration in the beach. I am really guilty as of writing this post and I promise not to resist whatsoever if you want me in jail for not updating my blog.

What I did and happened for the past year?
1. Had 3 long land trips. One international but not the one you are thinking right now. Together with babe and friends went to Thailand and Cambodia for 10 days. Two Philippine land trips; The Manila to Cebu land trip and the 8 day Northern Luzon land trip.

This was taken in Sumaguing Cave Sagada

2. Organized a book club, the Cebu Book Club together with fellow Cebu Blogger member and friend Nancy Cudis. The book club is a small community of book enthusiast of Cebu. We had our very first activity last August 30, 2013 at Cebu City Public Library entitled Books, Biscuits and Coffee Party.

3. Write in a Visayas based lifestyle magazine my article that was published was about The Peacock Garden of Bohol. It's one of the finest resort not just in Bohol but in the country.

4. Work has been really exciting because a colleague has just resign giving my hands full with work as well as giving me more room of improvements.

5. Started a little Koi pond hobby/business with babe and 2 other friends.

The Koi Pond

6. The kiddos I mean babes nephew together with the entire family migrated to Abu Dhabi and now they are back but not for sure if it's for good but I'm really happy that they are around.

7. Babe and I missed 5 flights in a row, the most recent was last September 7, 2013 where for the first time we did not push through the travel.

8. Been an avid fan of movies most especially Akira Kurusawa and Christopher Nolan movies. 

9. I have been reading a lot all sort of books but now I am in to classic and I'm almost done with Bram Stoker's Dracula then will read Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. I also realized that a lifetime is not enough to consume all the books you wanted to read.

Bram Stoker: Dracula

10. Most cousins are going outside the country. I am happy for them but a bit sad because I know it would take time for all of us to be together again (you know how close we all are).

11. Won social media influencer during the Social Media Influencer Summit last February 2013.

I think that all covers everything, I will just update if I missed something out. I love the new Blogger app and for sure my next post will not be long. Ciao for now 😊

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double Birthday Celebration

August is a very special day for me and my sister because it's our mama's birthday and this year I have asked a niece to join my mom's birthday and her mom's (actually my 1st degree cousin) birthday celebration to be celebrated together, so as you know both our families are close.

We decided to go on a beach birthday outing. It is not a very big event but we assure of a memorable one. Since I am busy my cousin scout for the place and she decided that we go to Anda de Boracay and then East Coast.

Glimpse of Anda de Boracay

Sissy in the Anda de Boracay Infinity Pool

Anda de Boracay is not the place we expect it to be. It is like a residential lot turned beach resort so the place is small and the beach they use is the public beach. The place is structurally nice and the infinity pool looks great. There room ranges from 1500-4000 pesos. They have a restau-bar and a small activity area. Our birthday celebrants did not like the place that much so we opted to go directly to East Coast White Sand Resort hoping that the place will be okay.

East Coast White Sand Resort

East Coast turned out to be our paradise for that day. Our birthday celebrants enjoyed the pool as much as we did. They have a clean shore and the beach is perfect. My mom is not a fan of the beach but in East Coast she is like a mermaid.

Mama having fun in the beach
Ate Maridel taking a pose
We enjoyed the delicious food in the beach, we ordered buttered fried praws, tinulang manok, calamares (all time favorite) and grilled fish. We brought 2 birthday cakes for our celebrants.

Mama and ate Maridel blowing their candles
At the end of the day everyone had so much fun. let me thank my babe for bringing along his friends that makes the outing a lot more fun, we hope to have you next time.

Babe with Matt, Norman, Jan and Charles
Of course can we left mama Nit at home? of course not, mama Nit is also around. Papa Jun was not able to come because of joint pain and aunty Ner cannot leave the tindahan (negosyante much).

Maitha, Mama Nit, Me, Geenez and Marella straight from NZ

Again happy birthday mama and ate Maridel. The four of us (me, Marella, Geeneza and Maitha) are proud to be your daughters and we are thankful to have you both as our mom. Thank you for all the love, care and support. All our wish for the both of you is good health always. We Love you.

Happy Birthday Mama and ate Maridel

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