Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"MAY DAY EVE" Characters

Boys – good looking, drunk, arrogant, proud of themselves, elegant and
Girls – excited, struck and amused by the guests, weak, a little mean and are
afraid of witches
Anastasia – old woman, who is so obedient to her mistress, accused for being a
witch and believes in superstitious beliefs
Agueda – pretty, young woman who is so curious, hardheaded, brave and very
much willing to know her future husband
Badoy Monitiya – a vain good looking man who will do everything to get what he
wants and revengeful
Dona Agueda – old lady who has gray hair, full of sentiments, emotional and
Dona Agueda’s daughter – a vain curious girl, who is persistent to know about the
past of her mother
Don Badoy Monitiya – a great lover, emotional and full of sentiment old man,
who repents for what he has done to Agueda
Voltaire – Believe in superstitious belief and was like his grandma who at an early
age want to know who will he marry


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