Wednesday, October 1, 2008



In the short story, I have reflected that even though men and women were different both must be treated fairly and equally. For God made us equal.

Like men, women must have the capacity to decide and fulfill their own
desires. Women must like men be the masters of them selves and not be the slave of anyone else. Women too have a brave side in them.

Another is that, we must not take revenge. For in taking vengeance we are also destroying our self. The Lord forgives those who have sinned against him, so why can’t we human forgive. The Lord said “You must forgive 70 x 7”.

Lastly, we must not be selfish in giving and sharing our love. The purpose why we live is of love. If each of us has love in our hearts then everybody would be peaceful and the world we are living will be at peace.

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