Wednesday, October 1, 2008



The short story shows the status of the women during the past. That woman is weak and men are superior over women. Before, women are deprived of her necessary rights that man had always enjoyed. During the past women were forced by their parents who are they going to marry and in some instance women are used as payments for debts.

In the story Agueda died miserably because her life was molded in to something she did not like. She was forced to marry Badoy Monitiya a very rich man who is madly in love with her. Her whole life was spent grieving, in fact he describe his husband as a devil, while she was being describe by her husband as a witch who ate Don Badoy Monitiya’s heart and drank his blood, meaning Agueda broke her heart despite of the love he gave.

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Dearlit said...

wow..that was t0o sad for Badoy...unrequited love..