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Set a Happy Mood

There are plenty of things around us that is beyond our control. Whatever that isthat's it. We can't do something about it. But according to different researches, mood is not one of those things. We have lots of control over our mood. We dont have to wait for someone to lift our spirit up because ourselves alone can do it. A theory by Sonja Lyubomirsky of the University of California, states that 50% of our happiness is determined by genetics and 10% by major life circumstances, so we can say that 40% is generated by our daily thoughts and actions. Big enough to shift our mood

Think About It
20 centuries ago Greek Philosopher Epictetus said "We are disturbed not by events, but by the views that we take of them".So the thought that we can affect our moods by changing the way we think is'nt new.

Try This:
Be Curious - curious people likely to derive meaning and pleasure from any given day. try engaging into activities outside your comfort zone especially those that require skill.

Think fast - depression is characterized by slow thinking, is it stands that making your brain race could boost your mood.

Give Thanks - expresing gratitude has shown to improve your aura for it can lift up your dispositin for the day and makes you feel better.

Change Your Tape - Our brain is like a tape recorder. It keeps replaying different memories, especially those negative ones. Refraining yourself of thinking negative does not do much good, but instead try to write your negative thought and ask these questions : Does this thought add up tomy stress?,Where did I learn this thought?, Is this thought true?, Does this thought help me grow?. This questions will help you restructure your thought.Think positively and convert negative thoughts a positive one, throughthis you will stop generating anxiety with unreasonable negativity.

Do'nt Dwell - reminicing things from the past or worrying about the future can worsen and lengthens depressions and makes everyday a bad day. So break the contemplative cycle by doing constructive things that can distruct your attention.Try loking at pretty pictures it can improve your aura.

Acting on It
When youre feeling down, the first option youd probably do is text or call friends and hang out. Well it can pay off for according
to Elizabeth Dunn professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia "Anything we do to promote our social relationships is a great way to achieve happiness."

Try This:
Speak Up - try being an extrovert then most probably you will have fun and by then you will have a positive mood.

Talk to Strangers - These may sound counter to what your mother counsel's, but interacting with strangers is a safe way to improve your disposition.
For it is a strong social norm to be cheerful around someone we dont know., to make a good impression. When we act cheerful we begin to feel that way.

Do a Good Thing - The Dalai Lama teaches "If you want to be happy, practice compassion". Gestures as small as giving or lending a hand to someone can enhance your mood for it feels better
if we have helped somebody.

Shift your Social Network - If you often get along with people who has attitude problems, pessimistic and irretable surely the level
of yur mood will drop down. Try to socialize with people who are optimistic and cheerful and those who has a positive outlook.
The people oround you can affect your aura.

Get Healthy
We all know that exercising and eating can make us feel better, what's new is to give prof about those things.

Try This:
Work It - A little walk is all you need to get a good mood, no sweat required. For it can unleash the feel-good neurotransmitters sertonin and
norepinephrine in the brain that allows to break stress in your life. Listening to music can maximize the mood-improving capacity of exercise.

Breath Deeply - Exercise that is rhythmic, repetitive, noncompetitive and involves diaphragmatic breathing yields the biggest mental pay off.
Yoga has the additional benefit of increasing levels of GABA a neurotransmitter associated with happy, calm feelings and lowering levels
of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress.

Eat Fish - fish oil or omega-3 fatty acids has powerful effects on brain function and mood. In fact, omega-3 can have a greater positive effect on mood than prescription
of antidepressants according by the American Psychiatric Association. Try to eat oily, cld water fish three times a week and take a fish oil supplement. Make sure
the supplement contains both EPA and DHA, the two most critical omega-3.

Enjoy Fats - studies have shown that a diet with less than 25% of its total fat can raise anxiety, frustration and anger. The best mod enhancer monounsaturated fats
like avocado, olive oil and nuts.

Drink Up - dehydration makes you lethargic and water restores energy levels. We are most dehydrated when we wake up so
two eight ounces glasses of water is a good antidote for morning gloom. Water can make exercise more pleasurable.

Set A Happy Scene
Surroundings can change your mind.

Try This:
Create a Grrenhouse Effect - ops!! not the one your thinking. If you forsee a stressful moment then buy your self a flower.
You will feel less anxious, less depressed, more cmpassionate and more enthusiastic. For it lifts to our human attraction to nature
and by appreciating nature and the beauty around us makes us feel the presence and love of the one who created us.

Add Background Music - Music can affect the pleasure center of the brain. The same area activated when you have an orgasm.
The positive effect can last even after the music is over and as long as you like the music youre listenning into.

Take a Whiff - Smelling any scent that appeals to you can improve your mood.
The areas of the brain that process olfaction and emotion are linked, so the functioningof one area directly affects the other.

After reading the above article, apply it at once to your self. For it is nt inevitable to have a bad day. You alone can do something to your mood. Share these as well
to your families, relatives and friends. for a happy day creates a peaceful and happy world.

Source : Allure Magazine, February 2008, Get Happy.

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