Sunday, May 31, 2009

Accountancy Act of the Philippines

Accountancy Act of the Philippines or broadly known as Accountancy Act of 2004 states the laws regarding the practice of accountancy in the Philippines, their duties and responsibilities, the bodies in charge in promulgating the rules and the manner on how to be a Certified Public Accountant in the Country.

The most frequent asked questions raised by some professionals are on if they can take the said CPA Board exam even if they are not accounting graduates. So here are some piece from the Republic Act 9298 to answer that question.

SEC. 14. Qualifications of Applicants for Examinations.Any
person applying for examination shall establish the following requisites to
the satisfaction of the Board that he/she:
(a) is a Filipino citizen;
(b) is of good moral character;
(c) is a holder of the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
conferred by a school, college, academy or institute duly recognized and/or
accredited by the CHED or other authorized government offices; and
(d) has not been convicted of any criminal offense involving moral

* Basically to be able to take the Philippine CPA Board exam, one must have a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Any individual even though you have graduated already of any course related with acoounting such as Management Accounting can not take the said examination. Take or pursue Accountancy to become a CPA.

SEC. 15. Scope of Exam
ified public accountants
owing subjects:
(a) Theory of Accounts
(b) Business Law and Tax
(c) Management Services
(d) Auditing Theory
(e) Auditing Problems
(f) Practical Accounting Problems I
(g) Practical Accounting Problems II

The Board, subject to the approval of the Commission, may revise or
exclude any of the subjects and their syllabi, and add new ones as the need

* all of these subjects are learned at school but you can have a review of the mentioned above at any CPA review Centers all over the country. online review centers or online review are still in process.

SEC. 16. Rating in the Licensure Examination.To be qualified as
having passed the licensure examination for accountants, a candidate must
obtain a general average of seventy-five percent (75%), with no grades
lower than sixty-five percent (65%) in any given subject. In the event a
candidate obtains the rating of seventy-five percent (75%) and above in at
least a majority of subjects as provided for in this Act, he/she shall receive
a conditional credit for the subjects passed: Provided, That a candidate
shall take an examination in the remaining subjects within two years from
the preceding examination: Provided, further, That if the candidate fails
to obtain at least a general average of seventy-five percent (75%) and a
rating of at least sixty-five percent (65%) in each of the subjects
reexamined, he/she shall be considered as failed in the entire examination.

*these must not be worried about, for it does not mean that out of 100 questions you must get a 75 for a lot of instances that the Examinee will lower down their rates. These depends on the overall result of the eminers. well for sure no one will get perfect as long as leakage is out of the subject.

SEC. 17. Report of Ratings.The Board shall submit to the
Commission the ratings obtained by each candidate within ten (10)
calendar days after the examination, unless extended for just cause. Upon
the release of the results of the examination, the Commission shall send by
mailing the rating received by each examinee at his/her given address
using the mailing envelope submitted during the examination.

* well unlike to the nursing board exam result, the agony of waiting the CPA board result is not prolonged for months. The result will just around a week or so.

SEC. 18. Failing Candidates to Take Refresher Course- Any
candidate who fails in two (2) complete Certified Public Accountant Board
Examinations shall be disqualified from taking another set of
examinations unless he/she submits evidence to the satisfaction of the Board
that he/she enrolled in and completed at least twenty-four (24) units of
subject given in the licensure examination.
For purposes of this Act, the examination in which the candidate was
conditioned together with the removal examination on the subject in which
he/she failed shall be counted as one complete examination.

* If one will just focus and study, well no one will fail. As early as now, know your priorities. If you want to be an accountant then act now. read and understand all the theories and double practicing the accounting problems. The fruits of your labor will follow after.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


One of the best season of the year is summer. Time to chill and relax, especially for students who in the last few months crack their selves on books, assignments and other school stuff. Lot of things can be done during summer. Here are some activities which i know some people do on summer:

1.) Go to Beach - Who on the earth does not want to go swimming. Soothing your self on the cold blue water or massaging your body on hot springs.

2.) Have Picnic - Bring along some snacks and get that blanket and visit your grassy park.

3.) Fly Kite - Time to reach the sky by flying that kite so high.

4.) Visit some Relatives - Time to visit our love ones who are far from us. They will be for sure very happy.

5.) Reunions - with relatives, friends and alumni get together

6.) Mountain Climbing - test your resistance and git some hike

7.) Sports - engage in sport activities

8.) School - dance, karate, music, theater class that can boost your confidence

9.) House keep - help at home

10.) Other Activities - caving, swiz sliding, horse back riding, kayaking, any other things you wnat to do.