Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nursing Board Exam Result

Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the required degree for a person who wants to take the Nursing board exam.

Why are millions of Filipinos taking up nursing?

Top answer for these question is because nursing is a demand profession globaly. Many Filipinos believe that a brighter future is in outside the country where a much bigger compensation is waiting, and the easiest way to go abroad is to be a nurse. Some other reason which I really do admire is that they took up nursing because of passion and because of the love of service to offer to there fellow men.

88,649 aspired nurses coming from the different schools and regions of the Philippines took up the November 2008 Nursing Licensure Examination. It is said that these batch has the highest number of board takers ever recorded and predicted that the number of examinees will increase each year.

Out of these almost 90,000 takers, only 39,455 or 44.51% has passed the said licensure examination and the list of Nursing Board Exam Result are scattered all over the net.

Surely the prediction will be true for I know that those 55.49% who did not pass will take again and push there luck on the exam these june of 2009.

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