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Biography : Jose Garcia Villa

Name : Jose Garcia Villa
aka : Doveglion b. Singalong
Birth date : August 5, 1908
Parents : Simeon Villa (Emilio Aguinaldo's physician) and Guia Garcia

Educational Background
Secondary : University of the Philippines (UP) High School
College : UP College of Medicine, University of Mexico and Columbia University

Work Experience
- taught poetry for a while at the City College of New York, 1964- 1973
- worked in the Philippine Mission to the U.N., 1954- 1963 and became the vice consul in 1965
- teach professionals in his Greenwich Village residence

- a collection of poetry was nominated for the Bollingen prize
- received the American academy of arts and Letter's Poetry Award
- the Shelley Memorial Award
- the Guggenheim, Bollingen, and Rockefeller fellowships for poetry
- received honorable in the Commonwealth Literary Awards, 1940
- first prize, UP Golden Jubilee Literary Contest,1958
- an honorary doctorate of literature, Far Eastern University, 1959
- Rizal Pro Patria Award, 1961
- Republic Cultural Heritage Award for poetry and short story, 1962
- honorary doctorate in literary form the UP, 1973
- On 12 June 1973, Villa was named National Artist in Literature

- Philippine fiction critic
- made a selection of the best Philippine short stories in English as published in various
periodicals in the country. Inclusion in the list was deemed an honor and a recognition that one
had “arrived” in Philippine literature
- introduced his poetic innovations: the comma poems and reversed consonance

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Biography : Carlos P. Romulo

Name : Carlos P. Romulo
Birth date : Camiling, Tarlac 14 Jan 1899
Died : 15 Dec 1985
Parents : Gregorio Romulo (formrer governor) and Maria Peña
Spouse : Virginia Llamas, Beth Day

Educational Background
Secondary : Manila High School
College : University of the Philippines
Masters : Columbia University (masters of arts)

Work Experience
- taught English at UP
- held several positions in newspapers like the Philippine Herald and Manila Tribune
- associate editor, the Citizen, 1919
- editor in chief, T-V-T Publications, Manila, 1931
- member, Board of Regents, UP, 1931- 1941
- publisher, D-M-H-M Newspapers, Manila, 1937- 1941
- secretary of Public Information and Public Relations, Pres. Manuel L. Quezon's War cabinet,
Washington DC, 1943- 1944
- resident commissioner of the Philippines to the United States, 1944- 1946
- chief of the Philippine Mission to the United Nations 1945- 1954
- Secretary of Foreign affairs, Pres. Elpidio Quirino's cabinet, 1050- 1952
- Ambassador to the United States, 1952- 1953, 1955- 1962
- secretary of Education and concurrent UP president, 1962 – 1968
- minister of Foreign Affairs
- and member, Batasang Pambansa (representing National Capital Region)

Achievemnts / Awards
- founding member of the Philippine Academy of Sciences and Humanities
- member of Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Kappa Phi, National Press Club (Washington DC) and the
National Research Council of the Philippines
- received honorary degrees from Notre Dame University, Indiana 1935
- received honorary degrees from University of Athens, 1948
- received honorary degrees from Harvard University, 1950
- received honorary degrees from Chungang University,Korea, 1961
- received honorary degrees from Thammasat University, Thailand, 196
- received honorary degrees from University of California, 1965
- Pulitzer prize for journalism, for work in the United Nations for peace, 1947 and 1948
- Golden Heart Presidential Award, 1954
- Hellenic University Award of Philadelphia Award, for his book, Crusade in Asia, 1955
- Republic Cultural Heritage Award, 1965
- Rizal Pro Patria Award, 1971
- World Peace Award from the World federalists association of New York, 1976
- National Artist in 1984

- founding member of the Philippine Academy of Sciences and Humanities

- Daughters for Sale, 1924
- Rizal, A Chronicle Play, 1926
- Juli, 1927
- Better English, 1924
- College Composition, 1925
- I Saw the fall of the Philippines, 1942
- Mother America, 1943
- My Brother Americans, 1945
- I See the Philippines Rise, 1946
- The United (a novel), 1951
- Crusade in Asia, 1955
- The Meaning of Bandung; The Magsaysay Story, 1956, with Marvin M. Gray
- Friend to Friend, 1958 with Pearl s. Buck
- I walked With Heroes (autobiography), 1961
- Mission to Asia; The Dialogue Begins, 1964
- Contemporary Nationalism and World Order, Identity and Change: Towards a National
Definition, 1965
- Evasions and Response, 1966
- The University and external Aid; Clarifying the Asian Mystique
- In the Mainstream of Diplomacy

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Biography : Antonio Martinez Abad

Name : Antonio Martinez Abad
aka : "el gran novelista de la literatura Filipino hispana despues de Rizal"
Birth date : May 10, 1894 in Barili, Cebu
Field of Work : poet, fictionist, playwright, and essayist
Died : April 10, 1970.

Educatiuonal Background
- Colegio de San Carlos

- professor at Far Eastern University and the University of the Philippines
- editor of La Revolution, El Precursor, El Espectador, The Cebu Advertiser, and El Debate
- in 1926, he became the president of La Opinion

- His novel La oveja de Nathan is widely discussed in the following article in Spanish, by
Professor Manuel Garcia Castellon, from University of New Orleans
- a master of a master of costumbrismo (local color), in a personal form of anecdote known as
instantánea or ráfaga
- won the Premio Zobel for his El Último Romántico and La Oveja de Nathán (with Flaviano
- won Premio Concurso Literario de la Mancomunidad Filipina for novels Dagohoy and El
- one of the recipients of the Commonwealth Literary Awards

- co-founded the Department of Spanish (now European Languages)

-El Último Romántico, (1929), La Oveja de Nathán, (1929), Dagohoy (1939), El Campeón
(1939), and La Vida Secreta de Daniel Espeña (1960; one of the last Filipino novels written in

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Biography : Nestor Vicente Madali Gonzalez

Name: Nestor Vicente Madali Gonzalez
Birth date : September 8, 1915
Field : Fictionist, poet, essayis
Parents : Vicente Gonzalez (school supervisor) and Pastora Madali (a teacher)
Spouse : Narita Manuel
Died : 1999 due to kidney complications

Educational Background
Elementary : Romblon
Secondary : Mindoro High School
College : National University and Manila Law College
Stanford University, Kenyon School of English, and Columbia University (creative writing)

Work Experience
- delivery boy in his father's slaughterhouse and meat stall in Calapan
- contributor to the graphic
- twice chosen as the Workshop's writer-in-residence in 1978 and 1987
- professor of English and Asian American literature at the University of Washington from
1976 to 1979
- visiting associate professor of English in the University of California in Santa Barbara
- in 1986, artist-in-residence of the Djarassi Foundation in Woodside, California

- won in the students' literary contest sponsored by the Graphic for an essay in Theodore
Roosevelt's visit to Calapan in 1934
- invited by the University of the Philippines (UP), to teach English and the short story from
1951 to 1967
- chairperson of the Second UP Writers Summer Workshop in Los Baños in 1967
- received several Rockefeller grants
- received a special award in the 1940 Commonwealth Literary Contest for The Winds of April
- the Philippine Republic Award of Merit for Literature in English in 1954
- the Republic Cultural Heritage in 1960
- the Jose Rizal Pro Patria Award in 1961
- the Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan ward in 1971 from the city government of Manila
- Eight of his short stories were included in Jose Garcia Villa's honor roll in 1926 to 1940
- won third prize and first prize for His short stories, “On the Ferry” 1959 and “Serenade” in
- In 1993, he received the Gawad CCP Para sa Sining in literature
- National Artist status in 1997

- the Winds of April , 1940
- A Season of Grace , 1956
- The Bamboo Dancers , 1959

Short Stories
- Seven Hills Away , 1947
- Children of the Ash Covered Loam Other Stories ,1954
- Look Stranger, On This Island Now , 1963
- Mindoro and Beyond: Twenty-one Stories , 1979
- Kalutang: A Filipino in the World an autobiographical essay, 1990
- The Father and the Maid , a compilation of six lectures delivered under the sponsorship of the
UP Creative Writing Center, 1990

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Biography : Francisco Sionil Jose

Name : Francisco Sionil Jose
Birth date : December 3, 1924
Parents : Antonio Jose (Aglipayan minister) and Sofia Sionil Spouse : Maria Teresa Jovellanos
Field in Literature : Fictionist

Educational Background
Elementary : Rosales Elementary School
Secondary : Far Eastern University High School
College : University of Santo Tomas (liberal arts)
: Manila College of Pharmacy and Dentistry (pre-medicine)

Work Experience
- editor-in-chief of the university paper The Varsitarian
- staff of Commonwealth , a Catholic magazine
- assistant editor of the United States Information Service (USIS)
- managing editor of the Sunday Times Magazine
- editor of Comment
- managing editor of the Hong Kong-based Asia Magazine
- information officer for the Colombo Plan Bureau in Sri lanka
- publisher and editor of Solidarity , a monthly magazine on current affairs, ideas and the arts
- writer-in-residence at the National University of Singapore
- visiting research scholar, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
- professorial lecturer, De La Salle University,

- works have been translated into several languages: Russian, Latvian, Ukranian, Dutch,
Indonesian, and Ilocano
- won three first-prize awards in the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature for
the short stories, “The God Stealer,” 1959; “Waywaya,” 1979; and “Arbol de Fuego”
(Firetree), 1980
- Palanca grand prize for his novel Mass , 1981
- second prize for his essay “A Scenario for Philippine Resistance,” 1979
- won the grand prize in the CCP Literary contests for the novel Tree , 1979
- three first-prize awards from the National Press Club, 1957, 1961 and 1962
- Fernando Ma. Guerrero Memorial Foundation Award for Literature from UST
- the Republic Cultural Heritage Award for Tree
- the Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan Award from the city government of Manila
- the Tawid Award for Cultural Nationalism from the Ilocano Heritage Foundation
- the Ramon Magsaysay Award for journalism,literature, and creative communication arts
- received the Smilth-Mundt Leader Grant, 1955
- two Asian Foundation grants, 1955 and 1960
- the Asian and Pacific Council fellowship, 1971
- the Outstanding Alumnus Award from UST, 1974
- national Artist for Literature in 2001

- gives pride to the country for His writings have also appeared in literary journals and
anthologies all over Asia and in American and German publications
- He founded the Philippine chapter of the PE international organization
- set up the Solidaridad Bookshop cum publishing firm and a shortlived art gallery in

- The Chief Mourner , 1953,The Pretenders in 1962, My Brother, My Executioner , 1979; Mass , 1982; Po-on , 1984;Ermita , 1988; and Viajero (Traveller), 1993

Short Story Collection
- The God Stealer and Other Stories , 1968; Selected Works , 1977; Waywaya: Eleven Filipino Short Stories , 1980; and Platinum: Ten Filipino Stories and Olvidon and Other Stories , 1988

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Biography : Bienvenido L. Lumbera

Bienvenido L. Lumbera
Birth date : April 11, 1932

Educational Background
Secondary : Mabini Academy
College : University of Santo Tomas (Journalism)
Masters : Comparative Literature at Indiana University
Doctorate : Comparative Literature at Indiana University

Work Experience
- professor University of the Philippines
- Board of Advisers of the UP Institute of Creative Writing

- Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism
- Literature and Creative Communication Arts in 1993
- Gawad CCP
- Gawad Pambansang Alagad ni Balagtas
- Manila Critics' Circle
- the Palanca
- Professor Emeritus status in the University of the Philippines
- National Artist for Literature

Poetry Collection
- Likhang Dila, Likhang Diwa (1993), and Balaybay: Mga Tulang Lunot at Manibalang, a collection of new poems in Filipino and those from Likhang Dila

Critical Works
- Abot-Tanaw: Sulyap at Suri sa Nagbabagong Kultura at Lipunan (1987) and Writing the Nation/Pag-akda ng Bansa (2000)

- Tales of the Manuvu (1977) and Rama Hari (1980).Sa Sariling Bayan: Apat na Dulang May Musika collects the four historical musicals Nasa Puso ang Amerika, Bayani, Noli Me Tangere: The Musical,and Hibik at Himagsik Nina Victoria Laktaw

- introduced a new aesthetic to traditional tagalog literature with what is known as bagay

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Biography : Alejandro Reyes Roces

Name : Alejandro Reyes Roces
Birth Date : July 13, 1924
Field in Literature : Fictionist, Essayist
Parents : Rafael Roces and Inocencia Reyes
Spouse : Irene Viola

Educational Background
Elementary : Ateneo de Manila
Secondary : Ateneo de Manila
College : State University of Arizona (degree in Fine Arts)
Masters Degree: Far Eastern University (Masters in Fine Arts)
Doctorate Degree : Conferred by Tokyo University and Polytechnic University

Work Experience
- Head and dean of the Institute of Arts and Sciences
- captain in Marking Guerillas
- former president of Manila Bulletin
- runs a column in Philippine Star
- formerly ran a column in the Manila Chronicle and Manila Times

- won literary contest at the State University of Arizona for the piece
"We Filipinos are Mild Drinkers"
- won second prize in a nationwide short story writing contest sponsored by the
Writer's Digest
- best writer of humor stories because of his funny short story collection
- received the Rizal Pro Patria Award
_ received the Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan Award in 1970
- received the Diwa ng Lahi Award in 1988
- received several awards from the Republic of Germany, Spain, Mexico,
Indonesia,Malaysia,Thailand, and Republic of China
- In 1990 he received the Tanging Parangal of the Gawad CCP Para sa Sining
- In 1948 and 1951 two of his short stories were included in the list of
Martha Foley's Best Stories of the year

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The Best SEO Company

SEO Company is now so rampant.

Maybe you are one of those whose site is being organized by an SEO company, but have you tried asking, who are the people working on my site? And, how brilliant those people are, putting my site on page one?

Few may know that lots of SEO Company around the world is based in the Philippines, technically and physically based here in the Philippines. It is just being hidden to clients for maybe racist purposes. There are still who did not believe in the capacity of Filipinos.

Americans, Australians, British or so other white may talk to you (called Account Managers) but the one doing the analysis both off page and on page where Filipinos. The ones developing the site are Filipinos. It is just sad that Filipinos are the one working but they are not the one who was given the credit for a job well done. What makes it more annoying is that some foreigners are abusing the talents of our natives and because of the status of the Philippines, our countrymen just let those foreign abused them.

To those foreign investors, give credits to your workers by giving them not just the proper pay they ought to have but the recognition they must get.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We are now living in a high technlogy world, where in our daily activities includes dealing with computer. From simply socialy making friends to cheking the best investments.

Google is the most popular search engine site today, in which almost everyone depends on google if they want to look for something and learn something.

What does google do?
Google used tools called spiders that let it crawls on different sites and gather the data's it have been crawled. The data being gathered are now then seggragated according to topics before it is saved at the google archive. When you researched something google now gives you different sites that relates to your query. The topics are arranged according to how it is relevant to the query.

There are now companies in which manipulates that search made by google. These companies are called Search Engine Optimization company or popularly known as SEO company. What they do is they control the search being made by google, simply illustrated as modifying a website for that site to rank as one. What I meant on to rank one is that when a person searched for a certain topic and that website being modified by a SEO company has a topic related to that being searched that website automatically will be at the first rank or first page of the list of results.

Industrial websites or business sites is the most common clients of an SEO company, for they are the one who needs more visits at there sites, for more visits of there sites means more prospect customers and an increase in income.

If you often rely google on looking for something better not stick to page one only, instead try to be more patient on visiting other pages. You may not know the best answer on what you are searching for is not in the first page.

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Mafia Wars

Have you heared of the latest game, addicted by not just of the young once but the young at heart as well!.

If you happen to have a facebook account, I'm sure you belong to a top family that is feared by those few who has less members.

The game I have been referring to is the game called MAFIA WARS.

Mafia wars is developed by Zynga, a society who is responsible for developing social gaming online games.

More or less, 1 million people all over the globe are either fighting against another family or helping a family member win a crime.

I do not actually play Mafia Wars on its site, but i am hooked at the game at facebook. So maybe I can tell you something about how the game goes.

Basically at facebook a friend of you will invite you to join the game, then you will have to make an account (do not worry making the account is as simple as abc and counting 123). You will choose a name you want and choose among the choices of what kind of family do you want, is it the one that heals fast so you choose health; the one who gains energy faster, so you choose energy or the one that easily gains money. Next is you can now invite friends to play the game with you or add friends who are already playing the game. To have a strong family you can not just add lots of friends, you must as well do a job to earn money and have your own business and gain much power or fight other mafia with the aid of your friends. As you gain more experience in doing jobs your level will increase and increasing your profile as well. You can thank your friends in helping you finishing a job or fighting a rival family by giving them gifts and you can ask them for gifts to help improve your offensive skill and defensive skill. Energy packs were given to help you do more jobs.

These game may have its disadvantages like its not a good example for our youth, because it teaches them to be a war freak and some other same reasons, but for the brighter side these game can help someone be generous and gain more friends.

It is better to let understand the minors about what the positive aim of the game is, not just understanding the game as is.