Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Best SEO Company

SEO Company is now so rampant.

Maybe you are one of those whose site is being organized by an SEO company, but have you tried asking, who are the people working on my site? And, how brilliant those people are, putting my site on page one?

Few may know that lots of SEO Company around the world is based in the Philippines, technically and physically based here in the Philippines. It is just being hidden to clients for maybe racist purposes. There are still who did not believe in the capacity of Filipinos.

Americans, Australians, British or so other white may talk to you (called Account Managers) but the one doing the analysis both off page and on page where Filipinos. The ones developing the site are Filipinos. It is just sad that Filipinos are the one working but they are not the one who was given the credit for a job well done. What makes it more annoying is that some foreigners are abusing the talents of our natives and because of the status of the Philippines, our countrymen just let those foreign abused them.

To those foreign investors, give credits to your workers by giving them not just the proper pay they ought to have but the recognition they must get.


Filipino Jobs said...

Hi.. thanks for the advise.

I agree with you. My friend is an SEO expert based here in the philippines particularty in Cebu...
He just told me the basic concepts about SEO. thanks to him because he helped me improved my skills.

geemiz said...

youre very much welcome..