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Biography : Antonio Martinez Abad

Name : Antonio Martinez Abad
aka : "el gran novelista de la literatura Filipino hispana despues de Rizal"
Birth date : May 10, 1894 in Barili, Cebu
Field of Work : poet, fictionist, playwright, and essayist
Died : April 10, 1970.

Educatiuonal Background
- Colegio de San Carlos

- professor at Far Eastern University and the University of the Philippines
- editor of La Revolution, El Precursor, El Espectador, The Cebu Advertiser, and El Debate
- in 1926, he became the president of La Opinion

- His novel La oveja de Nathan is widely discussed in the following article in Spanish, by
Professor Manuel Garcia Castellon, from University of New Orleans
- a master of a master of costumbrismo (local color), in a personal form of anecdote known as
instantánea or ráfaga
- won the Premio Zobel for his El Último Romántico and La Oveja de Nathán (with Flaviano
- won Premio Concurso Literario de la Mancomunidad Filipina for novels Dagohoy and El
- one of the recipients of the Commonwealth Literary Awards

- co-founded the Department of Spanish (now European Languages)

-El Último Romántico, (1929), La Oveja de Nathán, (1929), Dagohoy (1939), El Campeón
(1939), and La Vida Secreta de Daniel Espeña (1960; one of the last Filipino novels written in

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