Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Audio Books

What are audio books?
Audio Books are written materials put into recording by means of spoken words.

What are the advantages of audio books?
There are lot of advantages we can get from audio book, like:
  • Reading can be made more easier . We can now left those bulky books and listen to audio books on our ipods, mp3, mp4 and mobile phones.
  • Audio books are said to be valuable for learning.
  • Learning while having fun. Listening to audo books is just like listening to music.
  • We can repeat or replay as many times as we want on the part that is a little bit hard to understand
  • We can multitask. We can do other things while listening to audio books, though it is not sot advisable because it may distract if what we are doing needs above average attention
  • Audio Books are cheaper than books. There are lot of sites who are giving free audio books
Audio books are not compatible with my gadget?
audio books as of the moment comes from different formats but if it is not compatible with the gadget you have now, you can just convert it to the required format of your gadget. There are now softwares used to convert one audio format to the other.

I want to make my own Audio Book?
Audio Books are easily be made. There is that what you call the ordinary way of making audio books, and that is recording what you have read. the other way is using an audio book maker software.

Here is an example of an audio book that is I am pretty sure very helpful especially for those aspiring accountants and the password for these is macpako.