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Kalamay or Calamay is one of the sweetest delicacies in the Philippines.  A lot of part in the country is making the common delicacy that is made of sugar, vanilla, coconut milk, sticky rice and can be added also with peanuts.

The provinces making the sweet delicacy has been claiming that the kalamay is originated from their place but the most common known kalamay makers are the Boholano’s. Kalamay in Bohol came from the various town of the province but the taste of kalamay from Jagna Bohol is the best. Its sweet sticky taste is best savored if paired with bread and of course a cold soft drinks or water.

Below are the ingredients and the steps in making a Kalamay

10 liters of water
10 kilos of white sugar
2 gantas of malagkit (sticky rice)
20 pieces of coconut

Procedures in making a Kalamay
-          Soak the malagkit overnight
-          Grate the coconuts
-          Extract coconut milk from the grated coconut first with 5 liters of water then next with 3 liters of water
-          Pour the malagkit into the first coconut milk extract and grind the mixture
-          Mix the sugar with the second coconut milk extract and boil to make a latik
-          Pour the ground malagkit into the boiling latik
-          Stir the mixture for 4 hours or until the mixture becomes very sticky
-          Put the mixture into half of the coconut shell
-          Cool for 3 hours
-          Cover with the other half of the shell

As mentioned above the kalamay is packed inside a smooth coconut shell and sealed with a red tape. 
The kalamay when exposed to great sunlight decreases shelf life so make sure that the shell is intact and 
no holes around it.

In Jagna the kalamay can be bought 35 pesos per piece or can be bought 3 pieces for 100 pesos. There are 
also now kalamay that is placed in plastic canister round-shaped white Tupperware that is sold for around 
40-50 pesos.

The Calamay also is best served especially if you are doing your past time activities like reading your

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