Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kung Fu Panda 2 Release Date

Who on earth does not know Po? The cuddly and enthusiastic mighty panda that has fulfilled his dream of becoming the Dragon Warrior of the Valley of Peace and of course who will forget the phrase “There is no secret ingredient”. The 2008 film has been rated 7.7 out of 10 by IMDb.com and 88% at rottemtomatoes.com.

A sequel of the Kung Fu Panda will be released on May 27, 2011. The film is set to be in 3D and is directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. The title of the sequel is Kung Fu panda 2: Pandamonium. Most of the original casts are returning like Master Shifu and The Furius Five Kung Fu master Viper, Tigress, Mantis, Crane and Monkey. There will be new characters to watch for like Skunkman, Thundering Rhino, Soothsayer and Croc. Watch out also for the new villain Shen.

In the new Kung Fu Panda, Po is now living as a true dragon warrior protecting the Valley of peace together with his fellow Kung Fu Masters, master Shifu, Viper, Tigress, Mantis, Crane and Monkey. A threat has come along the peaceful place so they have joined forces with another group of Kung Fu masters namely Skunkman, Thunder Rhino, Soothsayer and Croc to win a victory over a villain peacock by the name of Shenn who plans to use a secret weapon to rule over China and destroy Kung Fu. In order for Po to gain enough strength to defeat Shenn he must look over his past and reveal the secrets of his origin.

So to all Kung Fu Panda fan the wait is almost over and a new Kung Fu moment is back.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Music Review: Philippine Geography by Yoyoy Villame

A Music Review: Philippine Geography by Yoyoy Villame

Name: Roman Tesorio
Screen Name: Yoyoy Villame
Birth Date: November 18, 1932
Died: May 18, 2007
Place of Birth: Calape, Bohol
Affiliations: singer, Composer, Lyricist and Comedian

The song Philippine Geography by singer composer Yoyoy Villame is one of my favorite novelty music. Like any other Yoyoy Villame song it has a catchy tune that anyone who would hear the song will surely hum and sway.

Most words of the song is composed of the 77 major islands, provinces, cities, municipalities and towns in the Philippines that is arranged from north to south. Any students who would memorize the song will have no problem in their Philippine History Subject.

The song can be easily memorized if you where familiar of the places in the Philippines from north to south but if you are not then maybe it is time to familiarize the places of the pearl of the orient seas with the aid of the Philippine geography Song.

The complete lyrics of the song can be found below

Philippines Has A Great History
according To Our Geography
manila Is The Capital City
that Is Known From The Other Country
metro Manila, Quezon City
caloocan, Pasay, Makati
marikina, Pasig, Sapote,
malabon, Las Pinas, Paranaque

from The North Batanes, Aparri
ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte
isabela, Cagay-An Valley
mountain Province, La Union, Baguio City
nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya
tarlac, Pangasinan, Pampanga
zambales, Bataan, Abra,
bulacan, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna

now Lets Go To The Southern Luzon
camarines Norte, Quezon
albay, Camarines Sur
catanduanes, Masbate, Sorsogon

and We Add Three Islands More
mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon
then Down To Visayan Shore
the Most Tamis Sugar, Coconut And Corn.

ay Yeah,Yeah,..................
cebu, Mactan, Mandaue
ay Yeah,Yeah,..................
bohol, Samar, Leyte
ay Yeah,Yeah,..................
iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, Antique
palawan, Negros, Bacolod
city Or Dumaguete

now Lets Go To The Land Of Promise
the Land Of Mindanao
bukidnon, Zamboanga, Misamis
mambahao, Butuan, Agusan, Surigao
cagayan De Oro, Iligan, Ozamis
and The Three Provinces Of Davao
davao Sur, Oriental, Del Norte
cotabato, Lanao, Sulu, Tawi Tawi

ay Yeah,Yeah,.................. Philippines Has A Great History
ay Yeah,Yeah,.................. Manila Is The Capital City
ay Yeah,Yeah,.................. All Tourists Are Invited To See
according To Our Geography Philippines Is A Beautiful Country

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Book Review: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Who does not know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? I believe most people does, especially those bookworms. For the benefit of those who do not know Arthur Conan Doyle, well he is just the only person who created one of the most wise and known fiction hero detectives Sherlock Holmes. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes are the first short stories about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

As mentioned above Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character and one of my favorite. He is an intelligent consulting detective that is based in London. What I like about detective Holmes is his sharp practical and logical reasoning and the ability to take any disguise and his deep knowledge in forensic science

To all book and novel lovers who passionately like detective stories and are fund of solving cases then The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is what you are looking for. I am sure that ladies would love Holmes because of his spectacular skills and sense of humor.

I can describe Holmes as a loyal friend in which by any means ready to attack just to defend a friend. His being hardheaded does not make him any stubborn but it makes him look manlier. He is every woman’s dream a man who can protect and can give fortress to any fragile woman.

The book is really well written that all cases are unique with each other yet not a separate story from other Holmes adventure books. This is the book in which when you start reading you do not want it to let go and it is as if that you are inside the story.

Arthur Conan Doyle has created a world in which you will regret if you cannot have a glimpse of it. 

Friday, November 5, 2010


Sudoku is one of the games I say I play best. To those who do not know what Sudoku is then it is a number placement game which aims to fill a 9x9 grid with digits. Each column and row of the 3x3 sub-grids that composed the grids or boxes must contain the digits from 1 – 9 uniquely. Do not worry because the puzzle setter already provides a partially completed grid and all you have to do is indicate what digit must be filled in a certain box.

I myself played my first Sudoku in a newspaper. I found a used news paper and I saw a box with a mark above stating Sudoku. I was amused by the puzzle because this is a number puzzle and I am used to solve word puzzles. Luckily at that moment my uncle has arrived and he taught me how to play Sudoku and that is the start of my passion to Sudoku. After a month I bought a Sudoku puzzle book with a hundred puzzles in it and just solved it for five days that is how I’m addicted with the game. My only problem with a book puzzle Sudoku is that it is an additional bulk of the things in my bag and I can’t solve games when I am riding in a public vehicle or even a private car.

I am glad to know that now the new eBook reader Kindle has a Sudoku puzzle installed in the reader. As you see it is now that handy playing Sudoku and if you need to relax after reading then playing Sudoku is the best game you can play. You will for sure enjoy and exercise.

Sudoku Trivia

Sudoku is said to be one of the most effective mental game. It is considered as one of the most memory enhancer game.