Friday, November 12, 2010

A Book Review: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Who does not know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? I believe most people does, especially those bookworms. For the benefit of those who do not know Arthur Conan Doyle, well he is just the only person who created one of the most wise and known fiction hero detectives Sherlock Holmes. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes are the first short stories about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

As mentioned above Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character and one of my favorite. He is an intelligent consulting detective that is based in London. What I like about detective Holmes is his sharp practical and logical reasoning and the ability to take any disguise and his deep knowledge in forensic science

To all book and novel lovers who passionately like detective stories and are fund of solving cases then The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is what you are looking for. I am sure that ladies would love Holmes because of his spectacular skills and sense of humor.

I can describe Holmes as a loyal friend in which by any means ready to attack just to defend a friend. His being hardheaded does not make him any stubborn but it makes him look manlier. He is every woman’s dream a man who can protect and can give fortress to any fragile woman.

The book is really well written that all cases are unique with each other yet not a separate story from other Holmes adventure books. This is the book in which when you start reading you do not want it to let go and it is as if that you are inside the story.

Arthur Conan Doyle has created a world in which you will regret if you cannot have a glimpse of it. 

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Grysh said...

The book was indeed well written. I liked the movie as well :)