Friday, November 5, 2010


Sudoku is one of the games I say I play best. To those who do not know what Sudoku is then it is a number placement game which aims to fill a 9x9 grid with digits. Each column and row of the 3x3 sub-grids that composed the grids or boxes must contain the digits from 1 – 9 uniquely. Do not worry because the puzzle setter already provides a partially completed grid and all you have to do is indicate what digit must be filled in a certain box.

I myself played my first Sudoku in a newspaper. I found a used news paper and I saw a box with a mark above stating Sudoku. I was amused by the puzzle because this is a number puzzle and I am used to solve word puzzles. Luckily at that moment my uncle has arrived and he taught me how to play Sudoku and that is the start of my passion to Sudoku. After a month I bought a Sudoku puzzle book with a hundred puzzles in it and just solved it for five days that is how I’m addicted with the game. My only problem with a book puzzle Sudoku is that it is an additional bulk of the things in my bag and I can’t solve games when I am riding in a public vehicle or even a private car.

I am glad to know that now the new eBook reader Kindle has a Sudoku puzzle installed in the reader. As you see it is now that handy playing Sudoku and if you need to relax after reading then playing Sudoku is the best game you can play. You will for sure enjoy and exercise.

Sudoku Trivia

Sudoku is said to be one of the most effective mental game. It is considered as one of the most memory enhancer game.

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