Friday, December 24, 2010

My Slambook

I have been browsing Joseph's Blog when I encountered an article about slambook. For the benefit of those who have forgotten what a slambook is it is a piece of a notebook where in you will answer some few questions. The question asks you personal details like interest and love stuff.

Here now is my slambook and I wish my friend to have one in the comment form.

1. name:> geezelle>                                                    
2. single or taken:> taken>
3. gender:> female>
5. zodiac sign:> aqualad..>
6. elementary:> canjulao elementary school>
7. highschool:> colegio de la meadalla milagrosa , jagna,bohol>
8. college:>university of san carlos and CIT university>
9. shoe size:> 5>
10. height:> 4'11>
11. Right or left handed?:> right>
12. Last 5 digits of your mobile No:> 10539

1. where is ur favorite place to shop?> sm >
2. have any tattoos or piercings?> 5 piercings (3 in the left ear and 2 in the right ear)...> >
3. what is your favorite clothes to wear?> basic tees and shorts, pants> >
4. what are your favorite shoes?> sneakers or any flat shoes..>
5. do you have certain jewelry that you> wear?> my watch>
6. what is the worst thing you've ever> thought?> forget it! too embarassing to tell>
7. what are you wearing right now?> tee and shorts>
8. how many pairs of shoes do you own?> i did not count it but at least 4

====================================> ~ Have you...~>
1.Tried smoking:> never in my whole entire life!! and not planning to try either>
2.Taken drugs?> never>
3. bungee jumped:> i would love too though the thought scares me..>
4. made yourself throw up?> nope!!>
5. made yourself cry to get outta trouble?:> yupyup..>
6. fallen for your best friend> way way way back!!.. >
7. been rejected?> havent expereinced so far>
8. rejected someone?> i dont know>

===================================> Specifies ..>
1. type of shampoo:> head and shoulder with pink creamsilk>
2. what are you listening to right now?> radioactive sago project.. >
3. who is the last person that called you?:> may layugan!!>
4. how many buddies are online right now:> where in fb, skype or ym..a lot>
5. what is essential in your life:> god, my family, babe and friends!!

===================================> ~Right now~>
1. hairstyle:> octupos.. >
2. listening music:> nope..>
3. make up:> only powder>
4. thinking of:> things to answer this one!!>

==================================> ~Do you believe in...~>
1. Love:> of course yes, who does not>
2. Faith:> yeah..>
3. Yourself:> definitely!!>
4. Ghosts:> i dont think so but the thought makes me tremble>
5. Angels:> yup!!>

==================================> ~Laz 24hrs~>
1. Worn jeans?> nope>
2. Cleaned your room?> yep>
3. Cried?> nope >

==================================> ~Love life~>
1. Do you have a steady?> yes i really do>
2. Have a secret admirer?:> no idea!!>
3. Do you have a Crush?> yep!!

===================================> ~chose one .. ~>
1. Blue or Yellow?> blue!!>
2. Kiss or hug?> hug..>
3. Summer or winter?> summer and beaches>
4. Sunny or rainy?> it depends, i love the sun when im out and i love the rain when i'm inside my room>
5. Chocolate or vanilla?> chocolate and lots of it..>
6. Hanging out or chillin out?> hanging out..>
7. Music or TV?> tv..>
8. Hamburger or Pizza?> pizza>
9. Smile or Laughing?> do it at the same time!! hahaha..>
10. Sleeping or eating?> after eating i will sleep>
11. Mc Donald's or KFC?> Jollibee>
12. Silver or gold?> definetely white gold..>


thepurpleman said...

mine was like the earliest of my blog entries...hahaha.thanks geemiz!

lets visit each others blogs ha...mwahugs!

BNP said...

Thanks for joining BNP! ur blog has been posted! u can also vote for ur fave blogs! d top 5 highest rated will be displayed n d Hall of Fame ;)

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