Friday, October 28, 2011

Few Days Before Christmas

2 months more and it's Christmas. It's still October and the days of the souls has not yet passed but we can already hear Christmas jingles in radios. I even have some friends whom their houses has Christmas decorative already. I'm quiet sure that we will be decorating the house too when I get home.

Malls now still have holloween decors but for sure after November 1 and 2 those creepy decorations of webs, bats, witches and monsters will be replaced with red and green balls, Christmas trees, Santa clause and red socks.

As of this date SM City Cebu Mall has already a booth selling Christmas decors and a photo is found below.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apple - iOS5

Apple has again announced its latest software around 2nd week October and I have updated my iTouch right away but because of a busy schedule it's just today that i posted this review.

iOS5 as what Apple said has great features and apps. I may not named all but I have screen shot some of it.

Here are some innovations that I like the most and been using often:
1. iCloud
2. locked focus on camera
3. grid on camera
4. notifications on all apps
5. drop down list of all notifications
6. edit feature in photos
7. a news stand for news papers and magazine subscription
8. iMessage

There are a lot more but these few innovations are the one I have been recently using. Below are some screen shots of iOS5 innovations.

SM Cebu - Car Show 2011

First and foremost Aside from the fact that I don't own a car I am also not that much fascinated with cars.

It just happened that I went to SM City Cebu with hubby to buy some stuff for our new pet puppy Cronus.

I have not brought with me a cam so I just used my iPod Touch to take some photos. All photos are a little edited, still pardon for I am not an expert of editing photos.

Below are photos of the cars.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photoshop Express for iPod Touch

Recently I am having fun editing photos and since the 4th Generation iPod Touch does not include a flash for its camera I have difficulty with some of my iPod Touch photos so I decided to download a photo editor application.

PS Express or Photoshop Express is what I have downloaded because it is number one in the photo application category that is free and yes I am a fun of free apps.

Like other photo editor it has the basic options of editing the lighting. You can also sharpen your photo and decrease noise. You can as well add effects and boarders to your photo and the application has a builtin photo effect that is commonly used by everybody. In saving the photo you do not have to worry because it will be saved as another photo in your photo album leaving your original photo untouched.

The second photo is an example of an edited photo using the PS Express free application and the first photo is the original unedited photo.

Blogger for iPod Touch

It is dawn and I'm still up because I have to finish the job for the week when I saw my iPod touch in which I feel like calling me. So I pick it up and realizing that I am the only person alone using the internet connection I decided to browse some applications in iStore.

I have downloaded several applications when I realized to download a blogger app that I believe is so useful. iBlogger is available on sale but my payment account is not yet set up so I decided to go for a free blogging application and I have looked a lot.

I have downloaded several blooging applications but I am not contented with it until I have decided just to have this only blogger application that has the true blogger logo.

Actually this is what I'm using right now in creating this post. One thing that attracted me in this application is its capability to manage several blogs and just switch one blog at a time. But the problem is I do not know how to add one blog from another without logging out the recent opened blog. I will really do a research and will have a post soon.

Here is a screen shot of my blog.