Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Christmas Gift

The Christmas breeze is here. I can see many twinkling Christmas lights and various sizes Christmas trees with colorful decors. I can hear my friends sharing thoughts about Christmas gifts and the malls are offering sales for the season. Many are dieting and getting ready for the upcoming parties.

Like any other I am so excited for Christmas though not that excited because papa is not around to celebrate with us physically but I know that he is just around, let's stop this emote moment I am a bit teary already.

Anyways I am happy because I already had a Christmas gift and it is a Casio G-Shock watch from hubby. Me and hubby shares the same passion with watch.

I so love my new watch though this is the second watch babe gave me,the first one is his old Casio watch.

My new watch is black with a round red in front. It can be used as an alarm clock, stopwatch, timer and has 200 bar that allows me to used in even during scuba times.

Thank You Babe for this one my very first Christmas gift for this year.

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