Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Success of Visayas Blogging Summit 2011

I am proud to say that I have not just attended one of the biggest blogging summit in the Philippines but I also volunteered to help my fellow CBSi (host of the event) run the activity. I have asked to be assigned at the secretariat committee in which I help at the registration booth, well I am that cuddly lady who greeted you in the registration and handed your VBS2011 kit.

I really did not expect the numbers of participants who have attended, though I have seen the per-registered participants I did not expect that almost everybody would come. Aside from the online registrants there are also many walk in bloggers and non-bloggers who would want to learn writing online and making a name and money out of it.

Funny moments in the registration booth are when people go inline thinking that it was the crocs sale (we are beside crocs sale hall) and everybody is busy because the booth became the all around booth.

Back to the event, everybody learned a lot from key note speaker Chris Ducker and was very happy of the video he presented of other professional foreign bloggers greeting the best for Filipino bloggers and starter bloggers.

Of course we also have our very own bloggers Vernon Go, Jannette Toral and Max Limpag who have shared a lot about blogging.

There are also many visitors during the event and among them are some of the Miss Earth 2011 participants, ABS-CBNs Gina Lopez who shared a very moving message concerning YES TO LIFE NO TO MINING, Cebu City mayor MIke Rama and congressman Mong Palatino who talks about advocacy in blogging.

Great foods are served during lunch and snacks and there are lots of raffle prizes including a domestic flight of your own choice by PAL, mobile phones, globe kits, various GC from sponsors and more.

Truly the event had just shown how the blogosphere is growing and the impact of blogging to the society.

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