Saturday, June 30, 2012

Camotes: Mangodlong Rock Resort

I am not really a beach bum but after setting foot to Camotes island like 2 years ago, I felt inlove with the beach and would want to go back.

Last summer May 2012, babe and I went to Camotes and we stayed at Mangodlong Rock Resort. Going to Camotes is easy because boats are available always in Mandaue City Cebu as well as in Danao City where boats sail every 2 hours. Boat fare is around 200 pesos.

Since its summer most beach are full, good thing we get a room at Mangodlong Rock Resort a family room for babe and me, a room with 3 beds just for the 2 of us. A tip if you want to visit Camotes during summer, make sure to book a resort 3 days before your vacation and buy a boat ticket earlier as well so that you will not have a hard time on the day of your trip.

Last 2009 we stayed at a different resort and heres what I can say of Mangodlong Rock Resort, the resort is nice with white sand, the food is delicious with reasonable rate, the pool is not big and I did not enjoyed it, i love the beach its clean, i love eating in front of the beach and watching the stars at night and laslty the beach is safe because no outsider can get inside the beach after 8:00pm.

Will post photos soon.. :)

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