Monday, July 2, 2012

Camotes: Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort

I have shared with you that last summer babe and I went to Camotes and this month we went to Camotes twice and stayed at a new resort, Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort. We visited Camotes June 23 and 24 and then went back June 30 and 31 with two of our closest friends Matt and Norman.

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort is just beside Mangodlong Rock Resort and I can say that I love Paradise resort more than the Rock resort. The place is more safe because only few people visit for a day tour and the service is very good. If you ask for something then they give it to you at a reasonable time.

About Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort

The resort has around 28 rooms, the room rate ranges from 2500 to 6000 pesos. It has 3 beach front rooms, 1 honeymoon suite room and 2 Cabana rooms. It has a big swimming pool much bigger than that of Mangodlong Rock Resort. It's restaurant called the Bamboo Caffe is much bigger and a lot cozzier than than the Rock resort. The food is okay with similar price to the rock resort that ranges 180 to 350 per order. They also have a bar near the beach which is open at night but you can eat there during the day. Adding the coziness of the place is there music which starts 7 in the morning and ends 10 in the evening.

During weekend or if the resort has many guest they prepare lights for disco and a bar at the beach. They also set's up table and chairs for dining with lampara (Filipino lamp) as light. Lampara, lights the beach at night as the shore is lined with lighted lampara.

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