Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Good Dog Laplace

Animals have soft spot in my heart and for me they are like humans, with life and soul. My love of animals strengthen when I met my babe, because he also is an animal lover.

We have 3 dogs, more than a dozen of Koi fish and more little aquarium fishes. Our three dogs are Laplace (doberman/labrador breed), Cronus (gratedane breed) and Light (shih tzu/maltesse breed).

This post is all about Laplace.

Laplace is our 2 year old dog. We bought him not in a pet shop but in a bangketa in Colon, Cebu City. Babe and I were walking along Colon when I saw a cute puppy carried by a woman. The puppy seems looking at me and he seems asking me to buy him. I told babe to buy the puppy and yes he agrees and we bring the puppy home, then we called him Laplace.

Laplace is a very intillegent dog. He can do tricks such as stay, sit, come here and he is a great mouse catcher. If we go out the house at night we always bring Laplace with us, he is our guard, even though he does not walk in our side.

The reason why I created this post is because of the incident that happened a while ago July 10, 2012 - 11pm. Babe and I went to ate Mimi's place like 500m away from the house, since its late we bring Laplace with us. We reached ate's house and get inside, we did not bother call Laplace because he is with other dogs and thinking he will just waite for us.

Around 5 minutes we decided to go home and as we went outside there's no sign of Laplace. I am a bit worried because last year Laplace was taken away by a stranger and was sold for only 500 pesos but gladly we retrieve him with the help of a "sikad" tricyle driver. Babe told me not to be worried because Laplace is a bright dog and for sure he knows how to go home.

So we rode a tricyle towards home. As we reach near the gate babe told me if I have noticed a wagging tail infront the gate and I am very happy because I saw Laplace sitting and waiting for us. I hurriedly take off from the tricycle and went near Laplace where babe is rabbing him and I belly rab my Laplace.

Indeed I have one of the most wonderful dog in the planet. :)

Here is my Laplace

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